Toasted Alpaca

Toasted Alpaca

Grey Moon – Saturday (ep. 63)

An alpaca swaggered into the pub wearing a huge slice of toast around her neck.

Reala looked over, grimacing. “Hello there.”

“Hey, hey,” replied Alpaca.

“What’s with the toast?” asked Reala.

“This?” said the Alpaca. “I’m in-bread…”

“Oh no,” sighed Reala.


    1. Arf, cheers Moss. For some reason my spam filter decided you was an enemy yesterday. o.o Fishing your comments out of spam now.

  1. I don’t know why Reala’s being such a Sour Dough….Alpaca will fit right in!!!

    I know. It’s awful. I just want to play so badly!!!! Thanks for gifting first laugh of the day number 5 zillion! Cheers!!!

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