Feeding Time

Capricorn (ep. 76)

Never in his kind’s history had anyone seen creatures so weak. So easy to manipulate. They are aware they are being watched, yet they do nothing as long as everything carries on as normal. He slithers down the hallway, his thick ooze clinging to the furniture and walls.

They hide under linens, soft sheets which offer no protection. Those that do not hide see the contempt in his eyes, as he approaches. Hungry.

A change of video style. The first of three. They aren’t currently adding anything to the Fears. I’ve kept at them because I enjoyed making them. Unfortunately, even voice over videos takes 20+ minutes for every one minute of video accounting for audio, edit, and screen tiles. I don’t have that time to spare right now if it’s not bringing me anything in return.

Today’s change is thumbnail style. I need to separate how each video looks in related videos and somebodies feed as they currently all look the same. I think this still looks pretty Fears.

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