Villains & Birdsong

Holy crap does she look like a villain! She’s gotta be the leading big bad in the third Little Fears horror anthology. She has no name yet, though it’d be nice to associate her with an astrological sign. I’m not sure which yet. Maybe Libra? Capricorn and Aries are already taken. Also takes the shade for this weeks #Colour_Collective.

In this week, we have further art. I have learned in the past, Etsy sales fail and people whine about price increases if they notice. So I have three new art prints for sale, introductory offer until Thursday 22nd of March, they will be £9 each rather than the usual £12. If you’d like a print, on our trademark (not trademarked) sexy canvas paper, message me in comments or drop me an email to [email protected]

Click an image to blow it up.




Some serious seventies shades there. If you’d like any of the above in different colour schemes, we can do that too.

Also, we have another submission to Scribblers Cove, the theme of party. Not for sale, but I likes it, so I’m posting it.

If you fancy any of my older art prints, please do visit my Etsy store.

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