Theatric Squirrels

Theatric Squirrels

Spiders (ep. 5)

“No man,” said Spectre, “it’s a book I’ve been writing!”

“About vampire squirrels?” laughed Sprite.

“Well yes,” said Spectre, “but more than that!”

“Such as?” asked Sprite.

“It’s a script see, for the theatre,” said Spectre. “It’s all about this squirrel who keeps quipping terrible puns.”

“Ah,” said Sprite. “So it’s a play on words?”

  1. Vampire squirrels do have a bite. But, you, my friend, are nuts!
    (there is a you tube video of squirrels attacking people. It is, I think, from a horror film.)

    1. Bwaha. Hyde Park squirrels in London were thugs. Have plenty of photos of people being ganked by them for food heh. One ran up my missus leg and rummaged through her handbag. She took a brilliant photo of it from her perspective.

  2. Oh God! Dude!!! This was great! I didn’t get it at first. Had to go back and read the words after playing the vid. Thanks for gifting yet another first belly laugh of the day!!! Cheers!!!!

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