A very art-centric Friday post this week. The lady at the top is Dryad. I used to have a thing for doodling nature creatures. With ivy arms and tree trunk legs. They all used to have flowers for heads or something similar to this. Dryad’s my submission for #Colour_Collective this week.

Texture is sexy

Click the image to expand. I get asked if I can supply larger prints of my story images quite often. Unfortunately, the answer is no. I draw 6 panels to an A4 page. That doesn’t scale up well. But I have been debating taking commisions. I had a go with printing a photo onto a canvas texture paper and doodling straight on top. I do love the effect it gives. Fancy something specific? Want to commision an image of your favourite Fears? Drop me a message.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


Not a fear, but my submission to Scribblers Cove. Inspired by Daniel Cantus scribbly style.