Magical Beds

Magical Beds

Grey Moon – Friday (ep. 52)

“My missus ain’t happy with me at the moment,” sighed Yuffie.

“Why not?” asked Reala.

“She said she wanted sex to be more magical between us,” replied Yuffie.

“And?” pushed Fuen.

“She threw a tantrum when I pulled a bunch of flowers and a deck of cards out from under the pillow,” moaned Yuffie.

  1. I’d take flowers….I usually hide chocolate under pillows myself. Doesn’t do a thing for sex, but it is a nice treat to find!

    1. I’m a tad surprised how few people have realised how much gender and sexual preferences is played on in the little fears. Yuffie, Lucy and Fuen have all referred to ex girlfriends. That’s an idea for a blog post. Equality and sexuality in the little fears haha.

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