Little Fears, Little Opinion

Little Fears, Little Opinion

A teensy bit of market research if you please. This week I am re-filling my Etsy store, but I have a quandary. On Etsy, you can upload five or more images of a product. So the first image is the one that sells the product, then the others are different frame colours and close-ups of the paper. My debate is which do I use for a storefront ‘sales’ image.

A wee question to you good folk. Which one of the below images would do a better job of selling you an art piece?

The moody dark Threadless image.

The light and airy Etsy frame image.

If you can spare me a moment of your time, let me know in comments.


Etsy Store:

Threadless Store:

Edited to add: To clarify, I am only selling the art print, not a frame or coat hanger. (Thanks, Marge!)