Spiders Dolphinology

Spiders Dolphinology

Spiders (ep. 5)

“I wasn’t always a spider,” said Spider.

“Oh really,” said Serpent, “what else were you?”

“Well I used to change body depending on my mood,” replied Spider. “If I was relaxed I was a cat. Angry I was a bull. Thoughtful I was a tortoise.”

“Aha,” said Serpent.

“I was a dolphin once,” said Spider.

“Gosh,” said Serpent.

“Yeah,” sighed Spider. “Before that, I lacked a porpoise.”

  1. First… I love that I can comment… finally!!!!! Second… I agree with all of them up there!!! Third… You are so brilliant at these. Even when I know what is coming… I am chuckling to no end! Witty and charming as heck!

    Kudos my dear friend!!! You are so brilliant!!! Hugs and love to you!!!!!

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