Lucky Penny

Lucky Penny

Capricorn (ep. 70)

She closed the front door behind her with a sigh. Emptying her handbag onto the sideboard revealed a powder compact, a lipstick, some lip balm, and a loose penny, which landed on its side and stood upright.

“That’s supposed to be lucky,” said her husband, handing her a drink.

“I could use some good fortune after the day I’ve had,” she laughed.

Her husband nodded, downing his own whisky. Toasting himself silently, willing her to drink the poison-laden glass. He hadn’t noticed he’d given her the wrong one.

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  1. OMG. Dude. So, today is the 2nd anniversary of my dad’s death, and we had this running joke about putting lucky pennies out (do a search on my blog for “pennies” and several posts will come up), and saying “This is going to make someone verrrrrry happy!” I’m honoring him today by leaving pennies all over town. So for your post today to be about a lucky penny…well, it’s perfect. Thanks.

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