image for terrier. Spectre climbing a rope to get Hydras dog down

Great Danes

Spiders (ep. 1)

“Is that Spectre?” asked Fuen.

“Yeah,” replied Yuffie. “He’s trying to get Hydra’s dog down.”

“From up there?” gasped Fuen.

“Yeah,” sighed Yuffie. “We need to get him to a pet psychologist.”

“Why?” asked Fuen.

“He’s scared of small dogs,” grumbled Yuffie.

“A Great Dane?” laughed Fuen. “Scared of a Jack Russell?”

“Oh yes,” sighed Yuffie. “Utterly terrier’fied.”

The first story in the book Spiders. This is the first time I have made a video of any of the Spiders stories. It’s also the first time I am trying to synchronize a scheduled post and video. Did it work? I guess I’ll find out at 8:05 am Sunday morning.

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