Saturday Night Show

Saturday Night Show

A wee invitation for everyone. As many of you know, Alex, Layne and I watch films over the internet together on Saturdays and twatter about them on Twitter.

Last week, Alex slipped on a turtle and broke his back in 14 places. He is now paralyzed from the toe down. This may be an exaggeration. I don’t think he likes turtles. But we had a break from the norm and watched a Twilight Zone and CreepyPasta on YouTube. Quick, accessible, and we picked up another viewer.

This Saturday at 9 pm UK time, Amberley (who won’t make lemonade), Alex, Layne and I will be watching the Twilight Zone episode, Cold Fusion. Followed at 9:30 pm UK time by Theatre of Puppets,  read by CreepsMcPasta. We’ll prattle along as always during the showing. If you’d like to join is, poke me on Twitter and I’ll be sure to @ you so you get in on the conversation early.

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Video Links

Twilight Zone episode, Cold Fusion
CreepyPasta Theatre of Puppets, 

Twitter Accounts:

Alex @SynBoomstick
Layne @Chew_On_Glass
Lemonade @IamAmberley
LittleFears @TheLittleFears


We hit play on Twilight Zone at 9 pm UK time, it lasts for 20 minutes. We then have a quick dash to loo break and hit play on the creepypasta at 9:30 pm UK time, which lasts for 15 minutes.

9 pm GMT – UK time
4 pm EST – New York time
3 pm CST – Central time

We time ourselves hitting play using so we can be a bit synchronised. The odds of us all getting hitting play at the exact time are hahahaha no sorry don’t go there lol rofl just no. But we can be close!

Any questions, let me know. Poke me on Twitter for an @. No guarantees about demonic entities coming out of TV sets to get you are given.