Moving Words

Capricorn (ep. 66)
“This book,” replied Mabel. “The words keep moving about on the page.”

“You mean an e-reader?” asked Suzy.

“No, an actual book,” replied Mabel. “The chapter describes what’s happening here, just before it happens.”

“Oh?” asked Suzy.

“Yes,” said Mabel. “It says I drink tea, and I drink tea. It says I eat a biscuit, and I eat a biscuit.”

Suzy laughed. “What does it say now?”

Mabel adjusted her reading glasses. “‘Then Mabel bashed Suzy’s skull in with an ashtray.'”


Sometimes the world just wants something to happen. When I created this video I forgot to justify the text on the title card to centre. On this tale, called Moving Words. Gave me a grin.

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