Doodles – Terror-Dactyl & Other Fears

Quite like sharing my doodle pages, this may become a regular thing. A weekly page share. With some separated and digitized Fears to show where some of my doodles go.

Digitized Doodles

A bit rough, let’s digitize them. I’ve been wondering what I can offer Patreons recently. I could offer monthly postcards from the world in-between. More in keeping with the daily doodles on photos than art prints, but printed on a top-notch 220gsm card stock, post-card size. I could also offer the digitized monsters to Patreons to download. Patreon subscribers could vote on which they want out of a months worth of selection. I’d then send them a link to download the creature and do what they want with them. Non-commercial of course.


Have you ever heard of a Tarasque? I think I had. Maybe from 80s Dungeons and Dragons. Yep, ya knew I was gonna be a D&D player right in my yoof right?  Anywho, I think that’s where I had the mental image of this gal. Nobody mention the size of her bottom…


A reappearance of Screeches head, but this time with a wasp’s stingy tail. If #Colour_Collective have a yellow theme again, I can fill in her segments yellow and she can go full stingy-stingy grr grr.


Speaking of #Colour_Collective, this week it’s white. While I was digitizing TD here, I tried inverting her colours. White body and red eyes. That’ll be this week’s portrait then.

I couldn’t help but google Terror-Dactyl. Turns out there’s an awful looking horror movie of the same name. Terrible special effect. Woeful plot. Made for TV I imagine… That’ll be a future film to suggest to Layne and Alex for a Saturday Twitter movie then…

The lady looks good on a Tee too. Maybe the next addition to my Threadless store. I have a lack of tees that would look good in black.

Pens & Paper

Switched over to the Kuretake Zig this week for the black. I do love my Posca’s but I can’t wait to be reunited with my supplies drawer. Six pots of Tipp-Ex await. Scruffy, messy and the mini cheese wedge brush. That’s my white that is!

Uni Posca Marker White
Kuretake ZIG Art and Graphic Twin Marker
Faber-Castell PITT Artist Brush Pen Brush Tipped – Indian Red

Daler Rowney Ebony Sketchbook A4