Doodles – Walker and the Unused

I’ve mentioned before I draw and write every morning. My usual aim is six tales, six square panels and one full page of monsters by 11 am. I thought I’d share a page today of doodles and how they look up until final use.

I’ve used a couple of the creatures for the Colour Collective on Twitter. The other’s haven’t been touched yet. Some separated out monsters from the image above first. I take a photo of the page, then select by colour in GIMP to get the monsters digitized.


Two-headed reptile scorpion.

Possibly snot.

Some of the characters ended up in the Colour Collective posts.


One of two-headed reptile scorpions heads.

Walker was based on an image in an upcoming story. The story image was doodled about five months ago and was an undefined creature on the road to the afterlife. I find something very appealing about her. She had a single tale doodle and was never used again.

Last use, their appearance in my Threadless store. Most of the leg works been done digitizing the creatures so turning them into prints and tees is pretty easy.

I quite like Walker on a tee. She’ll be available on my Threadless store shortly.

Some links to finish with.

My Threadless store.

I use Faber Castell PITT Artist Pens and Seawhite of Brighton paper.

Faber Castell PITT Artist Pens

Seawhites of Brighton Sketchbook