Popcorn Horror

This weekend, Layne, Alex and I will be watching a good old-fashioned fun, cheap zombie film on Chili Cinema. The George A. Romero classic, Land of the Dead. I know that’s stretching the word classic there… But hey, zombie Eugene Clark and Dennis Hopper!

We’ll be hitting play at 9 pm GMT or 4 pm EST for our American friends, and tweeting like zombie splatter fangirls. You can find our Twitter handles at @Chew_On_Glass, @SynBoomstick and @TheLittleFears.

I do still have some free £5 vouchers to give away for Chili Cinema. No strings attached, just swing by the twitter post linked to below and reply saying you’d like a ticket.

Tweet me here for a £5 Chili Cinema voucher

If you’d like to visit Alex or Laynes WordPress blogs, hit the links below.

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