Seeking Hydra – Free for 2.5 more days

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking holy heck does this man have a lot of soft furnishings. Well yes. Yes, I doodley do!

Also, my book is still free, but as the title suggests, only for 2.5 more days. Head on over to Amazon and buy it for $0.00 and you can download it to any PC, tablet, iPad and Kindle ereader.

USA Edition:
UK Edition:

If you think the book looks sexy as feck, you can buy the paperback for £12. It would make an awesome Christmas present, just sayin!

USA Edition:
UK Edition:

If you grab a copy and enjoy, please do leave me a review. It helps me so much! If you leave me a review, let me know in comments and I’ll give you and your own website a shout out during the week.

Cheers everyone! Hope you enjoy!


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