The Wife (Malcolm 8 of 8)

The Wife – Malcolm 8 of 8

He sat on the beach watching the waves lap the shore. It had been a while since his last visit. He’d shown his wife the best place to swim, said a little prayer, and smiled as she goes off.

When the tentacles erupted from the surface and dragged her under, he was quite pleased that his sacrifice had been accepted.

Well, Capricorn certainly made a lasting impact on Malcolm! His tales were spread throughout the Capricorn book as a recurring character. An interesting thing, none of the tales I publish here until March 2018 was ever written to be published in a book. It was just me writing jillions of these wee vignettes. I have written a proper return to this story in a more cohesive manner though. Denver (from Flower Girl) goes in search of his colleague Malcolm and Little Fears strangeness ensues. Also, won’t be visited until 2018. I have a lot of tales to post between then and now!

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