Little Fears, Big Update; Umber

Well hello! Welcome to another Little Fears; big update! In this weeks post…

  1. Umber
  2. Hydra in Autumn
  3. Inktober
  4. Capricorn
  5. Patreon


The fine young lady as doodled for this weeks #Colour_Collective on Twatter. Pretty darned sexy if you ask me! I had in mind she was the Little Fears chief rat catcher, who isn’t very good at catching rats. That’s good because Yuffie would be peeved if Umber ate her friend Ratty!

Hydra in Autumn

Still very fears, but a slight departure in colour and style for this weeks new Threadless image. Hydra going for an Autumnal walk. Might make a good book cover for the next Little Fears book titled Seeking Hydra.

Hydra in Autumn is available from $12 from the Little Fears Threadless Store:


A quicky for Inktober, just wanted to show how my characters start out compared to how they end. This is, of course, Umber from the top of the post.


Self Publishing Earnings on Amazon

I keep getting told on social media this week I should write a book! Well, I have, three of them in fact. They are all available in print and digital from, with January and Spiders being funny tales and Capricorn a collection of my horror stories.

USA Editions:
UK Editions:


patreon little fears

Well hello, I have some new and awesome Patreons this week!

Hello and thank you, ClutzyPanda. One half of the Miles and Crawford double act. She’s a resident of Twitter, @ClutzyPanda, and has a Patreon page herself.

Thank you, Daniel Cantu of You can say hello to @MisterCan2 on Twitter or nudge his Patreon page.

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