Character Creation: Free Courses

Howdy gang! A very short Monday post this week. We’ve been talking on Twitter this weekend about character creation. Mostly because I’m farting them out left right and centre at the moment thanks to Inktober.

Point of the post, I came across two free courses this week on Skillshare. One from the WattPad team and one from Sarita Kolhatkar of Guild Wars 2. Both are 100% free. Sign up, skip anything that asks you to pay and take up the courses.

The Creative Writer’s Toolkit: Writing a Character Study

Starting with a blank slate is daunting, and in this class, Lindsey shares her favorite tool for overcoming writer’s block and starting your writing process: the character study.

This is a creative exercise that will help you develop characters that feel fresh and true to your writing style.
At the same time, this is also a practical exercise, giving you an informed starting place for the rest of your story, poem, or novel.
Once you have a character study, you can use it to write whatever fiction you want!

This class will inspire you to look at your everyday encounters and simple interactions as helpful starting points for developing a unique character. It’s perfect for everyone new to writing as well as writers looking to broaden their creative writing toolkit.

Course Link:

Character Design – Bring Your Imagination To Life!

Grew up watching Disney movies? Love drawing and storytelling? The objective of this class is teach you the various processes and Photoshop techniques on creating a character from start to finish, following a detailed process from thumbnail concepts to a completed digital illustration with lighting and color, perfect for your portfolio.

This class is great for anyone with a passion for drawing, painting and a love for Disney Pixar movies, and have often asked themselves, “how do I make my characters look like that?”

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