The Road

“Honestly,” said Fuen, “I am not sure what everybody is.”

“I don’t follow,” sighed Hydra.

“OK, so this place,” explained Fuen. “It’s a crossing point, from the living world to the afterlife. It is in-between. When humans, animals, and even some plants die, they walk down the paths, to the main road, and follow it to the afterlife. But we live on here for a while. We are the ideas, opinions, hopes and dreams that linger after the living embodiment is gone.”

“So I am just an opinion?” asked Hydra.

“You’re a hope or a dream Hydra,” replied Yuffie. “That’s why we don’t let you play on the road.”

I know this story has been posted before, but this is a good starting point for Hydra’s story and it hasn’t been in a book yet.