Whole Doughnuts

“I got fired again,” sighed White.

“Didn’t you just get that job?” asked Black.

“Yeah,” sighed White. “Working at the ring doughnut factory.”

“What happened?” asked Black.

“Eh,” replied White, “I got fed up of the hole business…”

Doughnut! That’s how you spell it! Dough-nut! Shed off the corporate shills of Dunkin’ Donuts and be free to put more than one U into a word!

Disclaimer: I have never eaten a Dunkin’ Donut but with my massive sweet tooth, I would prolly like them.

(Insert related content and take that anti-pro Dunkin’ Donut (with an ugh) somewhere.)

Hey, if you’d like me to try a Dunkin’ Donut, you can buy my one of my books so I can put the earnings from my books into a doughnut eating fund!

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