Free Course: A freelancers guide to being more productive working from home

The audio was recorded some months back and left on my hard drive. The sound quality isn’t as good as my current video works, so the Fears tossed a slideshow into the mix for me, and Bodom Bomp, a free course for you all on Skillshare. There’s a bit of rabbit about it below.

It goes alongside my courses on building a WordPress following, building a social media following and building a bloggers media kit.

Course Link:

About This Class

Hello, I am Peter, and I am the writer and illustrator of the little fears.

I was in the fortunate position of working from home a number of times for my old job, and have spent the last year writing, drawing, blogging and freelancing from home.

One of the major issues that we face as home workers staying productive. Keeping yourself productive can be difficult at home when there’s no manager breathing down your neck and a wealth of home comfort distractions to nobble your attention.

In this class, I will be covering how to manage your time for the most effective work output. Setting personal goals, coping with lack of direction and allowing yourself time for reflection. Tips for staying healthy, which have a huge impact on your productivity and finally how to deal with people as a positive and negative to your productivity.

I hope you enjoy my class.