Self Publishing: CreateSpace vs Amazon

Self Publishing: CreateSpace vs Amazon

One more booky post for those thinking of self-publishing. My camera has broken, so apologies for the repeat pictures.

I’ve been asked on social media again, why do I use KDP and what’s the differences between KDP and CreateSpace. Both are self-publishing platforms where you control everything. Almost.

In my opinion, Createspace thrashes the heck out of KDP in almost every way. Caveat, I’m super niche, KDP is easier and works for me a lil better.

CreateSpace is awesome.

Createspace offer a 30-day Payout instead of 60-day payout for KDP.
Createspace offer distribution on more platforms than just Amazon.
Createspace offer distribution in a handful more countries.
Createspace offer wholesale author copies, so you can bulk order and sell at shows.
Createspace offer physical print proofs before you hit publish. KDP does not.
Createspace offer professional publishing services. KDP, you’re on your own.

KDP Ain’t bad.

KDP is easier to publish on.
KDP keeps you online and in stock all the time. Createspace takes you down when you update until they approve your copy. I have read this hurts your search rankings?
KDP offers Kindle Select lending library.
KDP offers Amazon specific promotions. Such as if you agree to only sell on Amazon for 90-day blocks you can run discounts and free offers. May help launching books, especially if it’s an ongoing series.

I use KDP

Personally, I found Createspace incredibly awesome in what it offers, but harder to use. In addition, I am expecting to release a new book every 1-2 months in the Little Fears series. Imagine losing your rankings every time you release a new book when you update the ‘Also by the same author’ in each book every 1-2 months. Mad. No. Not for me at that pace.

The KDP tools also help me get a big kick start with reviews. The free offers and Kindle Unlimited lending library in the first month knocked my recent book up to 10 reviews, 5 stars. Wasn’t intended, was hoping for one or two to be honest. That has a knock on getting the book noticed for its first month and is gathering sales momentum.

I have been told Createspace gives you better pay rates. Again, I think because of the super niche layout and nature of my books, I found Amazon give me better rates.

I do not know how good Createspaces editing services are as I never tried them. I would say any monkey can format a book right with the Kindle book creator tools for KDP.

I believe Createspace is the better platform but KDP suits my needs a lil better you know?

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