Damp Jewellery

“Yuffie,” yelled Fuen. “You need to get some control over Hydra.”

“Why?” asked Yuffie.

“Because he diddled on my necklace,” ranted Fuen.

“Funny,” said Spectre. “He peed on my bracelet.”

“And my hair piece,” said Serpent. “He’s peeing on everybody’s jewellery, Yuffie!”

“Not on my watch,” replied Yuffie.

Hey hey, rabble! Little Fears Spiders, the Little Fears third book, has now been released. To you fine folk who follow me, you get first dibs. The digital edition is free for the next 5 days. Full announcement and fan fare will come later today. Feel free to hop on over to Amazon and grab a free digital copy early though.

USA Edition: http://a.co/gOujd5z

UK Edition: http://amzn.eu/33sberu

If you grab a copy and enjoy it, please don’t forget to leave a review!