Elephants Trunk

Elephants Trunk

“It won’t just stick back into place,” said Delia, fumbling with the elephant’s trunk.

“Here,” replied Alice, handing over a tube of super glue.

“I thought it was made of ivory,” said Delia, turning the figurine over in her hand.

“Nothing mum owns is what it looks like,” sighed Alice.

“You know,” grumbled Delia, “this would be a lot easier without all the blood on my hands.”

A little Saturday night horror. Originally published in the Little Fears book Capricorn. A more recent horror re-post. Just me catching up with some video making.

There’s a thing I haven’t asked yet. What do you lot think of the reposting of old tales here along with new videos? I’m currently posting one new tale every morning with one old story in the evenings. I only re-post old stories for which I have created a new video. All old Fears re-posts are (usually) six months or older.

Do you mind the fresh lick-o’ paint video reblogs? Would you prefer to see less, more or is one old and one new tale a day the third bear’s stolen porridge? Let me know in comments.

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