Thank you

Hello followers, subscribers and assorted paid up members of the rabble. As the post title says, I am saying thank you. Again. Because y’all mean a lot right now.

You may have noticed my postings have gone from precise times (8 am GMT) to erratic and all over the shop. That’s because this is where I currently live.

Yup. No floor. Decorating the London home so I can sell up and move to Scotland. It’s rather disruptive! Not helped by a lack of internet. My land line is somehow so knackered I cannot power the phone from the phone line. Think my videos are uploading at funny times of day and night? That’s just me hitting upload, going to bed and hoping they are all done by the morning. But hey, it works! So let’s keep creating and putting it out there! It’s only temporary, as are most issues in life.

Amidst the DIY related carnage on my home, right now, the support of you all, however it comes, is more appreciated than ever.When your house looks like a shed, every bit of encouragement is that extra bit more effective. From buying prints, tee’s, books, supporting on Patreon to liking, commenting on sharing my tales. It’s all appreciated and motivates me more than usual.

I shall be releasing the third book (finally, haha, oh god that again…) next week. I’ll put the announcement out to all you lovely folk and for five days from release, the Amazon Kindle edition will be free. I don’t do sales once a book has been out for a while because I feel it’s disrespectful to the people who support me and pay full price for digital and paperback books. By offering new books nobody’s bought at full price yet for free for five days on release to subscribers, that’s a thank you where nobody loses.

Cheers for sticking with us. I shall endeavour to continue delivering the most awful, cheesy and groan inducing punch lines this side of the fearful universe.

Keep creating!