“Every time I do an Internet search for my symptoms, it says I have cancer,” moaned Spectre.

“What symptoms?” asked Sprite.

“Running nose,” sighed Spectre.

“Is that it?” asked Sprite.

“It’s been running for four days,” grumbled Spectre. “How do I stop my nose running?”

“Have you tried tripping it up?” asked Yuffie.


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  1. Oh, man. Here they come.
    Prank Caller – Hello Mr. Jones. Is your refrigerator running?
    Mr. Jones – Why yes, it is.
    Prank Caller – Well you’d better catch it before it gets away.

    Hello, this is Dr. Foonblat with today’s health notes.- Is your nose running, and do your feet smell? That’s a good sign you’re built upside down!

    Sorry. Long week.

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