A quick pic of one of my recent favourite characters. Part of a distant future story line. It has given me a hankering for continuing the astrological characters. Capricorn led the way.

Yep. I like that character.

As you know I am moving home shortly and I have no market stalls in real life lined up until the move is done. So I am selling some A4 art prints here cheap. Β£5 + Postage each instead of Β£12. The caveat, they all have something wrong with them. I doubt most of the issues will be visible once inside a frame. I can’t sell these on Etsy though as even when you state there’s a defect with something in the items description, someone will still buy it expecting a perfect image, then tantrum because it isn’t.

The picture dimensions areΒ 210 Γ— 297 millimeters. Standard UK size A4 paper with a canvas effect. My compact camera doesn’t do the colours any justice and the paper is white NOT dull grey! So with and without proper frames and photography. Defects underneath each picture. Click photos to open larger versions of the image. If you’re interested in purchasing any image, leave me a comment or email me at [email protected] Payments can be sent through PayPal.

Corners scuffed, top middle scuffed from a bulldog clip, they came out a little lower on the page than they should have.

Paper isn’t entirely flat. most visible at top right corner.

Dem corners tho. All corners bent inwards.

Not entirely flat, see bottom right corner.

Not entirely flat. See bottom left corner.

Top left and bottom right corners scuffed. Top right and bottom left corners not entirely flat.

Not entirely flat. Top and bottom right corners minor curves, bottom left corner folded.

Not entirely flat. Most visible top right corner. Indentations around right side birds feet.

Every corner curled.