Receiving Bad Reviews

Nobody likes a bad review. Thankfully with January, I received mostly positive and balanced reviews. A belated shout-out to Great Northern Book Owl.

Capricorn, however, was an entirely different kettle of fish. I have received six reviews so far across the web. All bad. The best was a 2-star review that said most of the tales didn’t make sense. Fair do’s, I understand my writing is incredibly British. Weird fiction and horror tales mixed with British oddness aren’t going to be for everyone.

The other five reviews were all one star. Two reviews just left me one star with no comment. The other three left one-star reviews because Capricorn wasn’t my usual puns. Despite there being no mention of humour anywhere in the description of the book, with a synopsis emphasising horror, they are reviewing a book they got for free and moaning because it’s not humour? Are you kidding me?

So what am I meant to do in this situation? Six bad reviews, not one single good review for Capricorn that I have seen yet.

I start writing the next book.

Out of all six reviews, only the 2-star review had something useful to say. I take that as constructive criticism. ‘Because it’s not more of the same’ is not constructive criticism. I accept my writing isn’t for everybody. If someone doesn’t like a book or film, you can’t argue them into leaving a good review. So instead of burning energy chasing them, I shall spend that energy writing the next book. Figure out the next marketing strategy. Get doodling new illustrations. Work on getting the third book, Spiders, out in May.

I have also headed back to Skillshare, looking for new writing courses. Turns out Monika Kanokova has created a new class, The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing: Publish and Sell Your Nonfiction Book.

I took her original class, An insightful guide to becoming a freelancer some time ago and quite enjoyed it. Although she writes non-fiction, the new class still has good information, and have nabbed a few interesting bits to take with me to the release of my next book.

In the meantime, if you’d like to read the better reviewed January, or give the horrors of Capricorn a read, click the links to purchase either on Amazon. Kindle digital editions are £4.99 and are under the links below.

January USA – $15.54   /   January UK – £12.00

Capricorn USA – $15.54   /   Capricorn UK – £12.00