Rust – Featuring Characters!

A brief update today. Part of my morning routine is to draw six tiles, write six tales, and create one new character. I have been doing this daily for four months, and holy snot bags do I have a lot of characters now in my rogues’ gallery.

Some characters will be going into future tales. I have an entire book written about seven metallic creatures. One of which is Rust. While I am not using her in tales, I reckon she makes a snappy chocolate orange shirt.

You can order her for $20 on Threadless here.

The first two paperback books (yes, plural) will be available shortly. I’ll elaborate more in the next post, as they are all still taking some dicking with. But a quick shout out to the divine Devina who’s been giving me a hand with Good Reads.

Finally, a quick series of character doodles I have piddled about with this week. Everyone always seems interested in other peoples creative process. Doodling characters and naming them is a huge part of mine.

Enjoy your weekend and doodle on!