Television – In which programmes are dropped


“Was that a TV?” asked Sprite.

“Yeah,” sighed Spectre.

“It’s massive,” said Sprite, looking down at the wreckage.

“Was massive,” sighed Spectre.

“Why were you even trying to get a TV that big upstairs?” asked Sprite.

“Got it cheap online,” said Spectre. “700 channels, no subscriptions, 128 inch, full 4k definition, – for £1. Had a faulty volume button.”

“Ah,” said Sprite. “Couldn’t turn it down?”



Today’s creative prompt is Television.

Original photo available on Unsplash. Doodle and tale by Peter Edwards with his Posca Pens.

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  1. The King of Concord addresses the shriveled Masses–on television: “in order to make our country grape again, we have every raisin to remain currant and not wither on the vine…”

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