Laundry – In which clothes are stolen


“Oh, good lord,” sighed Yuffie.

“What’s up?” asked Spectre.

“There has been a thief stealing the Little Fears women’s clothing,” sighed Fuen.

“In size order,” added Yuffie. “Must be OCD.”

“Oh dear,” said Spectre. “Have the police caught them yet?”

“No,” said Yuffie, “they’re still at large.”




Today’s creative prompt is Laundy.

Original photo available on Unsplash. Doodle and tale by Peter Edwards with his Posca Pens.

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  1. Lol on that one, Fears. 😉

    Last week I tried to wash my clothes @ “Tsunami Laundry Mat”, but they went out with the Tide….

    Did you see that political talk show where they male ya wear wet clothes? They call it the ‘No Spin Zone’.

    (early, best I could come up with)

  2. At one point, I realized my life was just spinning around in circles and that’s when I realized I was all washed up.

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