Soap – Reds box is stolen


“I know,” sighed Red. “But it didn’t just get up and run away!”

“Maybe someone stole it,” pondered Hydra.

“My soap box?” asked Red.

“Spectre looks shifty to me,” replied Hydra.

“Spectre always looks shifty,” grumbled Red. “Who ever stole it made a clean get away.”


Today’s creative prompt is Resist. Feel free to leave a link to your resisted art, photography, blog post, fiction or other medium below in comments. No link backs required.


Original photo available on Unsplash. Doodle and tale by Peter Edwards with his Posca Pens.

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  1. m a poor reader and analyst that’s why I find it difficult to understand the point even though I know it is interesting, can you please give me a hint about how to interpret such sweet dialogues please… I like the way you personified non livings

  2. As someone trying to learn Spanish, I must say jokes in a second language are tough and I imagine a play on words like Little Fears are the toughest. Don’t feel bad, Tshering. What is difficult for you is so funny for the rest of us. It will come with time!

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