Podium – Featuring a roused crowd


“But it’s a lie,” continued Yuffie. “It always has been, and there are those out there, that continue to believe. They allow themselves to be led. Believing they work for us. While they really take away our health services, our education, our…”

Yuffie looked across the masses, peering up at her. Silently, Idly, with lit faces.

“Our nations current leader is a prat,” she declared.

Rapturous applause.

She sighed and stepped off the podium.



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Original photo available on Unsplash. Doodle and tale by Peter Edwards with his Posca Pens.

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      1. When, really, did we ever?

        Seriously, for the most part, we’ve never been good at doing so. Individuals, sure, but people in the aggregate…not so much.

        But, yes, the leaders are generally prats.

        1. We have never been good at it. Especially in tribal Britain, where we have never fully let go of our island mentality. But it felt like we were making progress for a while from the 60s to the 10s. The last 5-10 years we seem to have formed smaller and angrier tribes than ever before.

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