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Coo that book came up looking pretty.

When I made and released January, it was under the thought process, release an ebook first as they can be changed easier at a later date. Changing a print book once they have been printed and are out in the wild is a twat. A couple of weeks after release the cover image was the only thing that needed changing and the original one was driving me mental. Above is the new cover, and it looks fitting and sexy to me.

I started working on the print edition last week. A PDF together, trying it on both Create Space and Amazon KDP, and both gave me a sales price of over £25. $33 was the cheapest I got it. Holy crap are kidding me? Why did it give me a value closer to £12 a month ago?

amazon kindle kdp self publish little fears january

A few reasons, but mainly book shape and page numbers. With the print edition, if I get the book down to 100 pages, both image and text on a page, in a 6 x 9 format, I can sell the books for £15 each. That would make me £2.50 a book. Heck I need to make something right? But £15 for 100 flash fictions with my doodles. Not sure any one will go for that.

My book had a proper editor run through it. It has artworks and original flash fictions. Even if they are classic British groaners, they are still written in my unique style. Comparing my book to other books on Amazon a few weeks on, and I realize I am selling the digital copy far to cheap. £2.99, the same price as a 32 page USA style comic, from which I make 74p per sale. That price needs to go up.

Click here to purchase January

So, for those thinking about buying the digital edition of the book. I will leave it at £2.99 until May. May 1st, the price will double. For those still interested in a print edition, I need to sort the formatting out and see how much more I can squeeze the price of this book down.

The process of self publishing has been quite a learning curve for me. I missed out on a lot of early promotion. I should have distributed some free copies to book bloggers. Made more of a song and dance about it before it came out, and acquired a few early reviews. Spent more time on the original cover. Most of all, I should have had more faith in my first book to sell. I was to cautious, nervous and concerned about it bombing somehow.


Onward and upwards. My spare time is currently going into creating another Skillshare course. A concise guide to being more productive, working from home. Because that in itself has been another huge learning curve for me since quitting my day job. I expect to make it free for the first 25 students, then make it premium. We do still have 2 free courses on Skillshare. My original ‘Build a following of 1000 WordPress subscribers a month‘ and ‘Growing a social Media following‘.

skillshare social media courses 0.99 sign up

I shall put out the new course on a Wednesday, and announce it here first. Keep an eye out for it on Wednesday blog posts.


In other news, I have gotten back into doodling on standard paper again. Not printed photos. Wanted to get some new characters for my Threadless store. Funny thing, I had some success with Threadless in January and February, then I just sort of stopped using it. Don’t laugh, I make $5 per tee sold. That’s considerably more than I make from the January art book, and I have been dedicated far less time to it than the book. Go figure.

I am also doing the doodles for the 90 horror stories already written. I hope to get a feel for some new characters via simple doodles, then introduce them into photos as time goes on. I reckon the fella above looks suitably spooky for a horror short.

As always, thanks everyone for being an awesome rabble of readers. I hope you all enjoy the continued tales of the Little Fears.


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