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The Little Fears do have a Patreon page, and Hydra has eaten a forest on it. If you read and love the Little Fears tales, but do not want to buy our book, T Shirts, prints or course, Patreon would be a darn fine way to keep the creativity flowing.

If you are here to find out what I have planned, well… To be honest I am not sure.

I mean there is a million things I can do, some even pay and support my obsession for writing flash fiction. 99% of it will still be free for everyone to enjoy. I do want to earn a bit more off of the Little Fears though. Even getting to £600 a month of them would be good, that would cover darn near all of my expenses, and would mean no more freelance work was required. That would be helpful for the dry work months.

There is of course a lot of work to do though. First of all, when I started the Fears, I never expected them to actually take off like they have.  So I never worked the SEO. The Little Fears are absent from every search engine on the Internet. I need to go back over the first 100 posts and make them all SEO friendly. A long, dull job. Also something that will be hard, as flash fiction is so short, it will never be 300 or more words long. You do not need to hit 1,000 words a post like you used to in the old days of blogging. But you certainly do need to reach 300 or more to get noticed.

Then I need to create more saleable content. I have to get more prints on the Etsy store. More T Shirt designs on Threadless. I have to complete the paperback edition of January. Not sure if I want to teach more on Skillshare yet. I want to write a course that is worth while, something useful. My brains blank on that right now, so it is something I will come back to. I also need to put some more incentives on Patreon. The top two Patreon tiers were not working for me wording wise, so before anybody took them, I whipped them down for a working.

I definitely need to work on my social media skills going forward. Funny thing, give me a brand and I can work up huge followings really quickly and do something useful with them. The Little Fears reached 30,000 followers combined across various platforms, and I am useless and utilising that. That partly comes back to no SEO though. When I started I never intended Little Fears to be an earner. It just sort of happened.

Little Fears on Patreon

With that I need to talk more. I have always been a massive advocate of the idea that talking to other people is how you get ahead in blogging. Not just spamming the crap out of people, but actually going out, reading posts that interest you, and leaving genuine comments.  Am currently reading a post, then just hitting like and moving on. That is annoying the heck out of me. It’s insincere.

I will be working a copyleft license into my work in April too. I guess we will find out if it is possible to make a living as a copyright free, opensource, illustrator and writer.

For future fears, where to start?…

Today I sent off 190’ish pieces of flash fiction to my editor. 96 funny flash fictions, and 96 horror / weird fiction flash fictions. That will be my next two books, and 190 odd posts.

I also hope to write a short ABC’s of the Little Fears book, which will be available for free. 26 pieces of flash fiction and illustration to show off our awesome. Now there is an idea. Make it free for a time, then give it away as a Patreon incentive? That could work.

Science Fiction, flash fictions, from the alien fear I drew some months back. A mix of inspirational ideas, digital art, ASCII imagery with 8 bit creations. Micro fiction, 6 word stories. How does a six word story work?

“Siri, delete dad from my phone.”

Boop. That’s how. Super short form fiction.

I found I was able to animate the bugs I drew some time ago too. It would be fun to make some silent animation films with them in a similar vein to the game Botanicula.

Then there is comics. Depending on how well the horror and weird fiction tales are received, there is a character called Denver. An old British detective, who features in a few tales. The ideas I had of him chasing after the strange inhabitants of the Little Fears world as they cross into the real world seemed to write themselves. A comic book would be a perfect format for that.

There is a more long form story in my mind for the Little Fear Reala, who featured in a single story. She is a hang over from my old Tales of the Blue Moon. The story would explore what the Little Fears are, how they came to be and the world they inhabit. All from the confines of a shabby London bar. it would be novella length by the time it was done. 20,000 words at least. Oh hey, camp Nano is in April? Good time to start a novella. Lets work that into a schedule.

A lot to do, and there is a plan there. It needs some hammering out and arranging. But with all that coming out of my mind and onto paper, I believe there is enough there to earn a living.

In the mean time, if you would like to see these ideas come to fruition, a tip of $1 a month or more through Patreon would help me an awful lot!

Thanks again for being awesome readers, and congratulations to anyone that managed to read this entire post. That was a long one!

  1. I agree with you about the need for genuine conversation. People can come across as extremely insincere in the blogging world. A lot of their interests/aims lie in ‘likes’ and followers rather than a deep, sincere conversation. Great post! Thanks for reminding me all is not lost in the blogosphere 🙂

    1. Theres a lot of darned awesome people in the blogosphere, all is never lost. We just need to check ourselves every now and then is all. 🙂

  2. I feel ya on the genuine comments thing…I’m trying to get better at that myself. Your plans for the future all sound really cool! It’s neat that you want try out so many different types of media. Looking forward to keeping up with your work!

    1. Hey hey Zanterr. I think the largest part of why both this site and the previous one have been popular is because I went out and spoke to people. Blogging on your own is lonely and dull. It is very easy to get into ‘read, like, read, like’ though. Bad habits are so easy to pick up.

      1. For sure, you have to be very conscious of what you want to do or else you just kinda scroll and never actually engage. I also notice I get very self-conscious when I comment on other people’s stuff; which is weird, because I want to interact with them but in the moment it’s like NO, CAN’T DRAW ATTENTION TO ME. But again, I’m trying to be more reasonable about it…

        1. Oh man yes. I did a post the other day about advertising here. One post in 12 would be an advert of some sort, and even then, its for prints or books that are all published here for free. Yet as content creators we still feel guilty about posting adverts for our own stuff right? Like we have learned that we are not worthy or something heh.

          1. No kidding! I just had a four hour lunch with one of my spouse’s former students discussing this very common artist ailment! Crazy how hard it is to admit we’re worth as much as the next guy.

        2. Yeah! A comic artist I follow said one time that if you’re excited about what you’re doing and think it’s cool, you should go ahead and say that to people instead of deprecating your work; and I try to adopt that philosophy. You can be proud of your hard work and not be annoyingly, arrogantly prideful!

  3. This is downright motivational. Super excited to hear about all your plans and glad to know that they’ll be a significant step in your overall financial okayness! The tales of Denver and Reala sound quite intriguing, by the way – love to see the Fears in a more long-form work someday. 🙂

    1. Thanks Hannah. Hope they turn out well, there is a lot of different future media’s waiting for us, and it does not feel like I am over spreading my ideas. They all read like they fit into the Little Fears narrative. 🙂

  4. Generating and pursuing ideas is not the easy, fluffy job non-creative people would guess it is. And it’s great fun to ‘see the workings’ from anybody as inventive as you are—inspires the rest of us! Thanks! and Cheers—

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