This darn fine spooky lady is called Capricorn, and she is now available to purchase as an A4 print on the Little Fears Etsy store for just £12.

Also, as it is the 22nd of March, the Little Fears first eBook came out today. Hurrah!

£2.99 for the UK on

$3.65 for the USA on

I get about 70p per sale due to download size on Amazons end. But if you fancy supporting me with a cup of tea, you can grab our book, or even visit our Patreon Page, and support the Little Fears illustrator for as little as $1 a month. I need tea to keep creating this stuff!

Now there’s a thing. I just advertised 3 things in one post, and until I started typing it, I felt awful about putting ads for my products here. But I realised something. I have put out over 100 tales and artworks, free, everywhere I post them. I want to go Copyleft instead of Copyright from April, so my tales and illustrations will be copyright free. Even the content in the books is free if you want to read this site tale by tale. Out of over 100 posts here, there are 5 advert posts. 3 of them are for free things, such as the Skillshare course posts. When I advertised Capricorn on social media, liked her enough to put her on the Featured Shop page.

So why do I feel awkward advertising my products?

Eh. The human is a daft thing eh?

While all this is going on, my mind has also assembled a weekly calendar for all the other content I am throwing out there. 8am every day sees a new tale in the same vein as all over this website. Monday and Friday evenings will see a weird fiction post, and Tuesdays and Thursdays will see a TellyTube video. So I shall slot in a product announcement on Wednesday evenings.

Is anyone ever going to complain about 1 post in 12 being an announcement, when I give everything away for free? If anyone does complain, are they worth an ounce of breath or bother?

Edited to add, Copyleft, because I got asked about it on social media. 

Wiki Link :

  1. an arrangement whereby software or artistic work may be used, modified, and distributed freely on condition that anything derived from it is bound by the same conditions.