You noticed the decrease in grammar and spelling mistakes right? We had an editor attack our tales. I have been asked on social media if I am going to release the Little Fears as an art book. Well, yes, I will. In a couple of months time I hope to release the Little Fears in full paperback form. But for that, good grief did I need an editor.

Slightly exciting in the mean time though, Little Fears – January. The collected Little Fears tales of the first 3 months. Currently on pre-order, available from the 22nd of March.

£2.99 for the UK on Amazon.co.uk

$3.65 for the USA on Amazon.com

I get about 70p per sale due to image size and bandwidth used on Amazons end. So if you fancy having us on your tablet or kindle, you can help fuel the illustrator on cups of tea.

If you want to wait for the paper edition, I can tell you it will be closer to £10 due to the colour images, and will be available in May.

If you just want to support the Little Fears, you can also head over to our Patreon page, where for as little as $1 a month you can contribute to Hydras food bill.

Thank you for being a wonderful audience and allowing me to indulge in my scribbles and stories on the internet.

  1. I will probably get them on Kindle.

    I had decided (yes, in just that half-second) to get them in paperback, but then I listened to my brain’s reason for doing so: “So we can give them little stickers and things!”

    No, brain ferrets. That’s terrible, and not at all what we will be doing. We will be getting them on Kindle, so that we can look but not damage, and we will be happy to see them whenever we want.

  2. Both. Both is good! Ah, I don’t see you having one of them rebloggy buttons so I’d like to forward this here post on HC&B, if you don’t mind.

    1. Hah, so do I. This is my first time doing all this though, so I gotta get it all right. Have needed to up my game somewhat with the success so far of the Little Fears project. 🙂

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