“What does he mean,” asked Hydra.

“He means he is going to replicate us for sale,” sighed Yuffie.

“He’s gonna clone us,” gasped Hydra.

“No,” sighed Yuffie. “It’s worse. He is going to put pictures of us on Etsy.”

“Like artwork,” asked Hydra.

“Yeah,” replied Yuffie.

“If he makes any prints of me,” grumbled Fuen, “I am going to make him Regretsy…”

Illustrator : Yikes! Hey you know you guys wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for me!

So yes, the Little Fears are on Etsy. We have had an icon at the top for a while, but I am currently porting the Threadless images over to Etsy, A4 prints of the gang are for sale for Β£12 a print, on 220gsm matte art card. Interested? Click the link below.