Fence – Featuring the end of the world


“It’s quite alright,” said Dami.

“So what actually happened?” asked Fuen.

“Well,” started Dami, “a farmer drove past on a tractor, screaming that he’d just fulfilled a prophecy and that the end of the world was nigh.”

“Blimey!” said Fuen. “Strong stuff.”

“Do you know who it was?” asked Yuffie.

“Yeah, he’s a local,” sighed Dami. “Farmer Geddon.”

Fuen grimaced.


Doodle and tale by Peter Edwards with his Posca Pens.

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    1. I wrote a few horror tales for the old Blue Moons stories in a similar vein to these. I want to start bringing in my more Twilight Zone / Outer Limits type of stories, and will pull in some horror after that. Though the intentional groaners will always be my staple stories. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but they are my cup of tea and I enjoy writing them too much to ever stop. 🙂

        1. I came across your site the other day as it goes browsing the art tag, your blog recommended VBadwolf. Very cool and right up my street.

          1. Cool because she really reminds me of a childhood friend that I briefly remember that was mute, but I wasn’t sure post to know that, but I’d figured that out at age 3 with a sing along song, so busted by me, that I kept to myself. Also my Childhood Friend was named Victiora but wasn’t sure on her last name so I might be wrong about her and if I’m right? She could of been to young to remember and I did heard some dark stuff about her parents but again I can be wrong about the whole thing, but she might not know this if it’s true, so don’t really bring it up to her if you meet her or if you know her.

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