“Yeah,” sighed Fuen, “the illustrators roped me into teaching another class.”

“Good grief,” sighed Yuffie. “What is this one about?”

“Building a social media following,” replied Fuen.

“Oh dear,” mused Yuffie.

“Hey, is that Hydra?” asked Fuen.

“Yes,” replied Yuffie.

“Why is he balancing and carrying 18 air conditioning units?” asked Fuen.

“Oh, that,” moaned Yuffie. “He has gotten the idea that fans make him cool.”

A penny dropped. Fuen groaned.

Illustrator : I know right! That one was awesome!  I created a new course for practice with video creation. Unlike the Bloggers Media Kit course, this one will not being going premium. It was intended as practice and will be free to take forever. Building a social media following  on Skillshare.