Mountain – In which Serpent climbs a hill


“Oh my!” exclaimed Yuffie. “You climbed right to the top?”

“Yes, I did,” replied Serpent.

“What was up there?” asked Fuen.

“A wise man,” replied Serpent. “Said to be the man who created crossword puzzles.”

“Incredible” said Spectre, “what’s he called?”

“P something… T something something…” sighed Serpent.


Doodle and tale by Peter Edwards with his Posca Pens.

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    1. Thank you Shawn. 🙂

      I have been perving at your dragons website recently. Very cool you have 4 books! Have you considered getting them into the bundles? They often do fantasy ones.

  1. This is hysterical.

    Imma be honest,

    At first glance I –COMPLETELY– didn’t understand what you were doing here.

    But it’s adorable and whimsical and hilarious.

    Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Thank you 🙂

      I’ll be honest, I have been doodling and writing for years and I have no idea what I am doing… But I am glad some people enjoy it. 🙂

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