“She’s about 100 times the size of you,” laughed Fuen.

“I know,” sighed Sprite. “But I think I love her.”

“Are there any difficulties?” asked Fuen.

“Not really,” replied Sprite. “There is one thing though…”

“What’s that?” grinned Fuen.

“Well she has an obsession with drinking fresh tropical juice,” sighed Sprite.

“Erm,” pondered Fuen. “Why is that a problem?”

“Because she has cartons of it everywhere. I mean like over 300 cartons in the kitchen alone,” grumbled Sprite.

“Cripes,” said Fuen.

“I know,” mumbled Sprite. “It’s enough to make a mango crazy.”


Doodle and tale by Peter Edwards with his Posca Pens.

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