Hydra - A little fears, flash fiction, short story In which Hydra seeks an Italian cousin while Fuen greets, groans and cries at the search,

“Am I dead?” asked Hydra.

“Looks that way,” replied Fuen.

“I wonder if I’ll meet my cousin here,” pondered Hydra.

“Recently deceased?” asked Fuen.

“Yeah,” sighed Hydra. “He was an Italian master chef.”

“What happened to him?” asked Fuen.

“He pasta away,” smirked Hydra.

Fuen paused to look at Hydra.

“Cannoli do so much,” said Hydra.

Fuen grimaced.

“Still,” said Hydra, “his legacy will live on as a pizza history.”


Tales and doodle by Peter Edwards using Posca Pens.

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