Written – In which Black and Blue discuss Friction


“He sounds pretty incredible,” said Black.

“A remarkable physicist,” said Blue.

“Despite winning a Nobel prize he was quite known for writing romance novels too,” said Black.

“Really?” gasped Blue.

“Oh yes,” replied Black. “The Complete Works of Friction.”


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  1. That’s a terrible joke… but it made me laugh 😀 Thanks heaps for sharing it and for visiting my place – I’m going to take a look around yours if you don’t mind 🙂

  2. I do a double take when I see your unique doodles and read your cool notes. You remind me of my son who did poorly in school because he was bored. He liked to multiply 3-digit numbers in his head. When he was 12 his math teacher failed him because he drew cartoons in class. I also admire your social media reach. Thanks for the follow

    1. Hah thank you. 🙂

      I was the kid at school who drew beards and moustaches in ‘tadpoles’ in the biology book. 🙂

      I have been baffled by my doodles and jokes for years. They seem to have a following wherever I take them. Not complaining, but often baffled. 🙂

      Tell you son to watch James Victore on YoutTube. The creative adults are the ones who survive! 🙂

      Most welcome for the follow. I am a Brit browsing the net looking at the White House at the moment. Looks as pantomime on every side as Brexit does over here.

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