Clouds – In which Sprite and Fuen make observations


“That’s a lot of clouds,” observed Fuen.

“Where do you think they’re going to?” asked Sprite.

“Not sure,” said Fuen, “but by the look of it, I reckon they aren’t following the direction of the wind.”

A moment of philosophical reflection passed between them.

“You know,” said Sprite, “I sometimes find people to be like clouds.”

“Oh?” asked Fuen.

“Yeah,” said Sprite, “it can turn into a nice day when they go away…”


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  1. Yes! Totally agree.

    These clouds look a bit like flying zombies. Hangry.

    Is there a way to follow your blog on WordPress? I don’t see the follow button (only email subscription).

    1. Haha, I do love the Clouds!

      There should be a little button now down the bottom of my blog. Points down under the Subscribe box Down there somewhere. 🙂

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