Fish – In which Fishy Puns are discussed


“I don’t get it,” pondered Cloud.

“Not sure I do either,” said Kraken.

“Have you ever thought fish might be…” started Cloud.

“Terrible comedians?” finished Kraken.

“Yeah,” replied Cloud.

“I’m gonna stick at it,” said Kraken.

“Good luck,” said Cloud, drifting away in the wind.

“Hey Cloud,” called Kraken.

“Yes?” yelled Cloud.

“If you do hear any good fish puns,” smirked Kraken, “let minnow.”


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  1. I never thought about whether fishes could be comedians. I just thought they would be quite the killers whether they wanted to be or not.

    And then I went to research how many were killed by fishes, but it seems like sticky rice has killed more people. Ah, it’s alright. I probably will survive it.

    1. Fishy facts, haddock have killed 86,086,731 people since 2007.*

      Gotta be seriously careful about fish!

      *That may be made up.

  2. Fun! I think about fish a lot, having spent much of my life in Maine. They are running out of fish and won’t let the fishermen catch any. Now we have too many lobsters because there aren’t enough fish around to eat them. So now there’s too much competition for lobsters.

    1. Oh fish. Humans are good at cocking them up aye? I saw a documentary on the Asian Carp invasion of Great Lakes the other night. Touched on a few fishing issues around America. Seems to be in a constant state of one disaster or another.

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