Prints come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. A bit like Fuen on a Sunday morning. Click a thumbnail to see an image full size and be given the option of purchasing a print.

Forest Collection

If a politician speaks in the woods, and nobody is around to hear him, is it still a lie?

Deer Collection

Deer is quite a big mystic. Unlike the dwarf spiritualist who escaped from jail recently. He is just a small medium at large.

Bugly Collection

The little fears at some point decided bugs were a good way of scaring humans. Mainly the men seemed effected, despite their denials.

Fishy Collection

They all hate ducks. They also feature regularly in the doodles. So we the illustrator gave them their own portraits.

Blue Collection

Blue is possibly an alien. A little stroppy, a little arrogant and always thinks he is right. Might be from the same places as the illustrator.

Kraken Collection

The illustrator feels quite strongly that Krakens eternal quest for fish based puns has no plaice in wall art.

Serpent Collection

The illustrator quite likes serpents. He never aby sits though. The last time he did, he gave himself a relaxing foot bath late in the evening and woke up 30 minutes later missing 6 toes.