5 ~ Genre

So that’s something I have wanted to do for the longest time. Shift genre a little. Not completely, as I love writing the current format of tales too much. The mild comedy and groans will remain the backbone of the Little Fears.

But as of Monday, I shall post two more posts a week on the littlefear.co.uk. With Monday and Friday evenings seeing the additional tale. I am not sure which genre they fall under. Strange fiction inspired by a childhood love of the Twilight Zone, comics based on Clive Barker and H. R. Giger, and far too many late nights watching Channel 4 in the 80s and 90s on a little black and white screen.

the artwork will not shift too much, but here is a preview of the oncoming strange tales artworks. Very in keeping with my visual style I am sure you will agree.

Stairs – In which a chase is over.

Terminal – In which a slender women types.

Manners – In which table manners are discussed.

Glass – In which childhood is remembered.

Sean – In which a name is asked.

Lucy – In which a step is taken.