4 ~ Bloglovin

The Little Fears are on Bloglovin, but we have no idea what to do there.

I keep hearing about it, and am aware it is an important thing to a lot of bloggers, but its purpose evaded me until recently.

Bloglovin‘ is a tool for keeping up with blogs — a way to manage feeds. Lots of bloggers turned to it after the demise of Google Reader. When you create an account there, you can follow any blogger on any platform, whether or not they’re also signed up.


Aha, so it is basically an RSS feed reader. Kind of. It has an extra feature I found when digging around there, that really piqued my interest called Activate. More about that later.

I did find a course on Skillshare by Morgan Kaye. VP & Community Support on Bloglovin. I believe it’s one of the free courses if you want to take it.

Blog to Business: Content, Community, and Working with Brands, by Morgan Kaye.

It is a good little general course on blogging, certainly worth a watch for beginners. But it did not tell me much more about Bloglovin. I figure it’s a big blog reading platform, so let’s make the effort to get on it and see how we fare.

There is an official Bloglovin WordPress plugin, that auto shares your posts to Bloglovin. Handy, but a little pointless for me as it seemed to ignore my featured images.

Bloglovin only takes data from your RSS feed though. That is after all what Bloglovin is. So I installed a plugin called Featured Images in RSS Feeds. Whoosh, suddenly my Bloglovin feed looks nice and lovely. A month later and I had not been back to Bloglovin, though I had picked up 6 followers.

I figure I use WordPress reader for all my blog reading, so I am never going to really use Bloglovin, until I see Activate. Activate is Bloglovins attempt at a blogger and brand connecting tool.

It requires all the usual permissions these things ask for, and they ask for a lot! More or less control of each of your social networks just to get the numbers. I know a lot of people get pissy and angry about that, but in all truth, a big company cannot devote staff to just counting and checking bloggers stats.

That said, I have no google analytics and it does not list 3 of my 5 best platforms. So instead of showing me with 22,000 followers, it says 6,000. Not good for a platform that is trying to measure your social influence.



The first jobs it has offered me are pretty weak and unspecific. Though one did offer $500 for a blogger with 100k followers. Not bad money for a single blogger campaign. From someone who works on both sides of the blogger & PR fence, I know with 100k followers, you can certainly get better. I knew a beauty blogger with 96k followers, really good SEO and the gift of the gab and she could get $2000 for a single blog post shared across all her platforms. But she was pretty awesome.

There are other offers, without such high requirements.


For me, Activate is something I may check in on once a month or so. But for Bloglovin itself, I am still just as clueless and just as lost as I was two months ago.

How about you good folk? Any of you had any good luck or good use out of Bloglovin?